Commercial & Industrial Painting & Decorating Services 


Our Sectors

We have worked for many years to be a specialist in a smaller amount of services. Rather than trying to cover all bases we are experts at the following.


Having a reputation for quality and trust worthiness, we are often selected by local businesses and schools to carry out their cyclical redecoration requirements. Most buildings should be redecorated every 4-5 years so we often get called back time and time again. Clients know what they are going to receive and know that they are going to be offered a top class service at a competitive price.

Commercial & CAT B

Working with a variety of fit out companies such as Vision Projects, Onyx Interiors and Intex Projects or direct for end users, we offer a complete decoration service including tape & jointing. Direct works for end user are often out of hours or working in existing offices so a clean and tidy decorator is required. With fit-out work they are often like building sites so flexible decorators are required. Working amongst other trades is guaranteed but quality needs to be maintained. No point in installing fancy glazing and expensive carpets if the decorating is not sharply finished or patchy. We snag all our own work ensuring only the highest standards are offered.

Dilapidation & CAT A

As companies outgrow their premises or simply move out, we are regularly selected by our clients to decorate these types of buildings when the building is vacant. Tasked with the job of putting the surfaces back to how they were when leaving tenants moved in, this is a real mixture of work. With standard decoration to office areas but also industrial works to warehouse areas. This work requires an all-rounder. Someone who likes to decorate standard office with plaster walls, skirting boards and doorframes but also doesn’t mind working 10 meters off the ground in a scissor lift, painting steel purlins. Often on the back of this we get selected to carry out the CAT B fit-out also. A win/win for us.


Encompassing steelwork, block work walls, concrete floors and cladding, we absolutely love this type of work. With the majority our decorators possessing iPAF & PASMA we have the perfectly qualified painters and decorators for this type of work. Happy to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in, we often prepare and paint surfaces that may have been neglected for years. Bringing these surfaces back to life is extremely satisfying. We secure most of this work by recommendation only. Happy customers, happier painters.

Leisure & Retail

With this sector it is extremely important to maintain a fresh, modern image. It is simply not acceptable to have worn out surfaces and faded colours, especially if the business next door has had a recent facelift. Encompassing; car showrooms, coffee shops, gymnasiums & supermarkets to name but a few, first impressions can make or break whether the business is a success. Car showrooms are often grouped together. Coffee shops will be analysed by customers sitting and relaxing, gyms are opening everywhere, usually 2 or 3 in every town and supermarkets have a nationwide brand image to uphold. All this means that decorating is often a necessity and not a convenience. We are trusted to deliver these projects for our clients and have a track record of 100% repeat business.

New Build Construction

Working for local builders and nationwide blue chip construction companies alike, we have carried out new build works from day one and have built relationships, meaning we are often selected over our competitors through more than just price alone. We are small enough to be competitive and flexible, but large enough meet our clients’ needs, with tight completion times and co-operation with other trades, being the norm.